SickKids-UHN Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Special Announcements: 

September 2, 2020: Phase 3 Updates:

  • Sort Appointments:
    • Appointments can now be made up to 1 hour in advance
    • As of Oct 5, we will return to regular operating times for all cell sorters: M-F, 10.30pm-5.30pm
    • Other policies continue as per Phase 1 & 2:
      • One client per appointment
      • Clients should not stay longer than necessary
      • COVID-19 patient samples are RG3 and CANNOT be sorted at this time
  • Analytical Appointments:
    • Appointments can now be made up to 1 minute in advance
    • Appointments no longer require facility approval
    • A buffer time of 30 mins between appointments is no longer required
  • AutoMACS Appointments:
    • AutoMACS has been relocated to Room 2-203 (PMCRT)
    • Appointments can be made directly on the instrument calendar (requests are no longer required)
    • It is the responsibility of clients to monitor column expiry date as usual:
      • Go to "Request Services" tab, scroll down and submit a "General Assistance Request" (listed under the General Requests category) at least 24h in advance if the column expiry date is on/before your scheduled appointments
  • Assisted Acquisition for LSR:
    • Service has resumed as normal
    • Go to the “Request Services” tab and submit an “Assisted Acquisition for LSR Request” (listed under the Analyzer Requests category)
  • Training Services:
    • Our LSR Training Course has resumed with a modified course structure to align with physical distancing restrictions
    • Go to “Request Services” tab and scroll to the “Information about our Flow Cytometry Training Course” for more info
  • Facility Access:
    • Access is permitted for All clients, including Externals (non SickKids/UHN)
  • Masking continues to be mandatory at both PGCRL and PMCRT at all times.


The SickKids-UHN Flow Cytometry Facility (FCF)

This Core is jointly operated by SickKids and the University Health Network (UHN). Our mission is to enable our clients to enhance the scope and quality of their biomedical research by providing access to state-of-the-art flow cytometry equipment together with comprehensive training and expert consultation services. Our fee-for-service offerings include:

  • Access to LSR-II analyzers, AutoMACS magnetic separators and Aria, MoFlo, Influx and Sony cell sorters
  • Training to use the LSR-II and AutoMACS instruments
  • Operator-assisted cell sorting and use of LSR-II analyzers
  • Comprehensive consulting for experimental and antibody panel design as well as data analysis, including seats in our FlowJo site license
  • For detailed information about instrument laser and detector configurations, services, operating hours & security clearance, please consult our website 

Access to the FCF

  • Academic and corporate laboratories can register to use our services: Click HERE to register for an iLab account 
  • The Principal Investigator or Lab Director as well as each lab member wishing to access the FCF must each register
  • After receiving your password (within one business day), login to your iLab account and follow the "Access Request" instructions
  • You will need to Agree to our Terms & Conditions and provide some additional information
  • Please note that iLab functionalities work best with Chrome and Firefox
  • Please contact John Moniakis for help with iLab, or Sherry Zhao for further information about our accessing our services

Once you have Access:

  • Use the Request Services tab to request Facility Access, Training Services, Analytical or Sorting Requests, Data Analysis (including analysis software licenses, FlowJo, FCS Express) and Consultation Services.
  • Register for our LSR Training Course if you would like training to run your own samples on our LSR analyzers
  • Complete our online training course and schedule a free Sorting Consultation prior to booking sort appointments if you are a new client of our Core
  • Use the Schedule Equipment tab to book appointments to use our sorters, analyzers or AutoMACs once you have completed all required training

FCF Biosafety: The SickKids-UHN FCF operates in and can handle samples designated as RG1 or RG2

  • The SickKids-UHN FCF operates in Containment Level 2 (CL2) Facilities and can handle samples designated as RG1 or RG2. No samples or agents designated as RG3 and RG4 can be brought into FCF labs
  • All Persons must wear gown and gloves (provided by FCF) to be donned on entry into FCF labs and discarded on exit.
  • Samples transported into the FCF must be in sealed primary containers (FACS tubes, screw cap tubes, etc.). In addition, sealed primary containers must be in a sealed secondary leak proof container.
  • Our cell sorters are in biosafety cabinets, so we can also sort live cells designated as RG2 but requiring CL3 operations
  • Our Analyzers are not in biosafety cabinets, so RG2 samples that require CL3 operations must be pre-fixed with 0.5-4% formaldehyde for at least 15' PRIOR to bringing into the FCF


The FCF provides equipment and services in two locations:

Mon-Fri, 10AM-6PM

Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning (PGCRL)

Lab Room 18-9430
686 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5G 0A4

Princess Margaret Cancer Research Tower (PMCRT)

Lab Rooms 2-203 & 2-504
101 College Street, Toronto, ON M5G 1l7




Name Role Phone Email Location
John Moniakis
Operations Manager
Sheyun (Sherry) Zhao
Manager Cell Sorting Services
Emily Reddy
Applications Specialist and Training Manager